Look Ma, I joined the circus!

This weekend, Saturday, November 19th, at Town Hall is the John Cage MusiCircus.  The preconcert lecture starts at 6:30pm and the multidisciplinary ‘happening’ starts at 7pm.  I am kicking off the performance on the main stage promptly at 7pm.  Moments later, several other performances—electronic, dance, poetry, visual art, readings, amplified plants (that’s right)— will begin just moments later, overlapping into multi-sensory experience.  Come and go as you please.  You are free to, encouraged even, to roam around the hall. Or you can find a seat and take it all in.  Think of it as an art exhibit, stay as long as you like.

Check out these recently published articles on the MusiCircus from Seattle Times and a concert preview from Second Inversion.


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