John Cage – Sonatas and Interludes LIVE recording

It’s safe to say that I’m no longer the same musician I was when I began working on the Sonatas and Interludes.  In fact, it was safe to say, at the time, that when I first learned about Cage I was no longer the same musician.  His ideas change people.  His ideas changed art.  This music is ever-changing.  The process of preparing pianos is always accompanied by new challenges— different piano designs and differing stages of piano regulation.   The process of the music itself is always evolving. In fact, the music is about personal transformation.  Just as the Hindu rasa lead to tranquility, so do the Sonatas and Interludes— as do I the performer, as does the audience, so does the piano.  Just as the piano is transformed, so are we.  At the end of the piano’s meticulous transformation it is carefully restored to its original design.  Just as the beautiful and meticulously designed zen sand mandala is a fleeting moment of a process, so is the prepared piano, so is Cage, so am I, so are we…








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