Look Ma, I joined the circus! This weekend, Saturday, November 19th, at Town Hall is the John Cage MusiCircus.  The preconcert lecture starts at 6:30pm and the multidisciplinary ‘happening’ starts at 7pm.  I am kicking off the performance on the main stage promptly at 7pm.  Moments later, several other performances—electronic, dance, poetry, visual art, readings, […]

John Cage – Sonatas and Interludes LIVE recording

It’s safe to say that I’m no longer the same musician I was when I began working on the Sonatas and Interludes.  In fact, it was safe to say, at the time, that when I first learned about Cage I was no longer the same musician.  His ideas change people.  His ideas changed art.  This […]

Second Inversion Interview

KingFM’s modern classical music service, Second Inversion, just published a really nice interview with me about my upcoming Cage recitals.  Thank you Maggie Molloy and Second Inversion. Check it out and help me get the word out by sharing it: The avant-garde and always-iconoclastic composer John Cage threw a wrench in the Western music tradition […]

Rachmaninoff’s Etude-Tableau Op.39 No.5

This is one of Rachmaninoff’s greatest pieces for solo piano. It is a dark and brooding monster of an etude. The texture is as dense as a piece can get without using your whole forearm to play. The real difficulty in this piece is allowing the long melodic lines to be brought out and phrased […]

Album Review: Scriabin – Nuances by Valentina Lisitsa

Valentina Lisitsa released an all-Scriabin album on Decca records titled “Scriabin – Nuances”.  I was drawn to purchase and review this album over about a dozen forthcoming solo piano albums released within the past month or so mainly because I was unfamiliar with much of the music on the album.  I have to admit, because of […]